Welcome to Quarterlife Finances!!
I suspect no one’s really reading at this point, but I’m excited nonetheless. I always told myself I wouldn’t start yet another personal finance blog…there are so many out there! But when it comes down to it, I’m doing this for myself. Lists are big in blogging, so I’ll kick off my blog with a list of my own!

My reasons for starting this blog:

1. Accountability. We’re always told we should be accountable for our actions, but thats difficult (for me) to do with finances. Its a pretty personal topic, and I feel like those around me get tired of hearing about MY finances and MY goals. On here I can rant on…like a personal diary, except anyone can read it.

2. Create a home for me and my opinions. I’ve been reading up on the PF blog world for quite some time now, and I like to participate every once in a while when I’ve got something to say. One thing I hate to do (yet I’m guilty of) is to go off on a tangent while commenting. I’ll go off into a rant of what I’m doing in such and such situation. You get my drift, right? With a blog it can at least provide me with an online home where I can take topics and examine them in different ways, or perhaps challenge other’s views. The possibilities are endless!

3. Track my progress. Sure, I have my spreadsheet, and I have dreams and goals…blah, blah. In the past though I haven’t had a central place for me to track all this. I started my personal blog (sorry, its private) in order to get my life and priorities in order, and I think its helped a great deal. I hope to do the same thing with this blog…get my finances in order and maybe find out some things about myself along the way.

4. Develop my language skills. I think I have fairly good grammar, and I’m a stickler for spelling (…did I spell that right?! haha). However, I don’t think I’m a very professional writer. To be honest, I don’t even like writing. I went to engineering school so that I wouldn’t have to write any papers. (That back-fired, by the way….they still make you write!) As much as I hate to admit it, writing is important, and I hope this’ll help me develop a more mature writing voice.

5. Explore issues that affect my age group. Hence the blog name “Quarterlife” Finances. This doesn’t happen overwhelmingly often, but sometimes there are issues that affect my age group in different ways. Or in some cases, we’re often ignorant of some issues because of our lack of experience out in “the real world”. Either way, I hope to learn new things, become aware of what is going on in the world around us, and perhaps help in educating my fellow quarter-lifers.
Just to clear things up though, I’m not quite 25 yet.

Well, that is all for now. You may find that I’ve updated this as the days go by. I’m quite a spontaneous person (only in a few respects), so when I made the actual decision to start up I wasn’t very prepared to make my first post. So far so good though, right?

Oh, and finally….
If anyone happens to read this and has any suggestions, please feel free to comment! (please be nice though, I’m just starting out!)

Thanks, and have a great day!

-Quarterlife Girl
(I may also change my pen-name too…any clever ideas?)