One of the PF blogs I read quite frequently is The Simple Dollar. In the past Trent has reiterated how appearance can help increase your earning potential. I personally think its not only important in that aspect, but also in how I feel about myself. That doesn’t mean I try to keep up appearances by wearing designer clothes, or never leave the house without makeup on, but I try to appear neat and well put together.I know this is going to come across as extremely superficial, but one of the things that bothers me about me is my teeth. I don’t have horrid looking teeth, they’re actually not so bad from afar, but its just one of those things that nag at me. I’ve been looking into getting braces or something to fix my teeth. I have a gap between my front teeth that drives me up the wall. If it was a straight gap it would be bearable, but my teeth are kind of at an angle, like an “A”. Aside from that, my bottom two teeth are SQUEEZED together and will be overlapping soon.

I went to the dentist today for another Invisalign consultation. The previous dentist I had gone to quoted $5,000 for invisalign and $16,500 to correct my TMJ (or is it TMD?). After that consultation I think I gave up on fixing the TMJ. I only get pains every few months, and that is just TOO much money. Today’s dentist quoted me $2,800.

Now, based on price alone I thought that was great! I’ve known the dentist for about 20 years, so I know they won’t do a crappy job. But is it really worth $2,800 to correct what essentially is just an annoyance to me?

Part of me says “yes! You’ll be much more confident about your smile…nothing will stop you now! (Plus, you can pay it back in 18 months interest free for under $200 a month)” The other part of me says “well…you’d be $2,800 further from you down payment. Plus, my boyfriend thinks the gap is cute (but I don’t believe him 100%)”

So should I see this as an investment (as makeup, or professional clothing)? Or is this another luxury I don’t need?