I can’t resist an offer for FREE money! Even better….free and EASY money! (When ethical/moral/legal, of course.)

My HR department sent out an email today offering a $50 Visa Gift Card for every employee that registers and fills in a Health Assessment on our health insurance website (and its confidential).  I won’t get the card until May, but I already filled out the assessment!

 Now…what will I do with the money?

I can:

-Use it to pay for part of the skydiving, and keep those $50 in my savings (its looking more and more like I’m going to do it! Eeeek!)

-Use it towards Mother’s Day gifts (I actually haven’t budgeted for this!!)

-Put it in my vacation fund.

I think I’m leaning towards Mother’s Day. I usually forget to budget for gifts and things, so it may be the smartest thing to do. Plus, I recently got another AMEX rewards card for $25. I was going to use it on myself, but now I’m also using it towards gifts. (My sister and I are planning something nice for my mom, aunt/godmother, and grandmother!)

I’m curious to know, what do you do when you get “free money” like that? Does it automatically go into a specific fund, or do you like to treat yourself a little?