As you may or may not know, I live with my parents right now. My biggest goal this year though is to move out, so I’ve been saving up for a downpayment. So far everyone I’ve spoken to has told me to keep waiting…prices are dropping and we haven’t seen the bottom yet. Still, every once in a while I pop onto the real estate websites and do a couple searches to see how many 2 bedroom places are being sold at the price range I want.

 Well, today I did a search and I got what looked like the usual type of results. A lot of results in sketchy parts of town, and then some too far from the city to appeal to me. In the past I haven’t really been interested in moving into a place thats close to where I currently live with my parents, but in my searches today I saw A LOT of results around me. Not just results…but low-priced results. I mean $140k results on apartments that would have been at almost $200k last year. So this brings along another issue for me….how close is TOO close to my parents house?

This isn’t like when I was applying for college….I wanted to get as far away as possible from them. I’m close to my family, and thats part of the reason why I came back to live in the same city. At the same time though I do want to have a sort of separation and independence, and I don’t want everyone to feel that they are so close that they can stop by anytime. I guess I can just tell them how I feel about that and it would solve the problem. But what do you think? I’m talking about moving into a place less than 1 mile from my house.

I think a part of me wants to live in a “cooler” part of town, somewhere close to downtown. The reality of that is though, that most of the housing there is new construction and with all the foreclosures going on in those buildings its not a very wise move. Along with the fact that I’d be lucky to even find something for $200k (2 bedrooms, that is). Everything that is “affordable” to me in those areas is not safe for a single 20-something girl.

 The other part of me thinks its silly to move out and start paying rent just to move 1 mile away. Then again, I can’t keep living at home with my parents forever!!

 On the other hand, living close would have some advantages. My boyfriend and his family live not too far from where I currently live (in fact I can walk to his house). So living nearby would mean I could maybe walk or bike over. I could also stay over at their parties when they run late without having to worry about driving a long way. I could also stop by any day of the week if there is anything going on at my parents house, or if my mom needs company, without having to worry about traffic. And frankly, we’re in a pretty good location.

Is  there anything I haven’t thought of? Would it be weird living this close to my parents house?