I have a thing for shoes. They make me feel great. I can never have enough of them! (Well, until they’re spewing from my closet…but thats a different story.)

A couple weeks ago I got an email from DSW: “Double Points week is next week!” I got excited for one second, and then I remembered I don’t need shoes right now. In fact, I just cleaned out my closet and ended up getting rid of 4 pairs of barely used shoes. In my defense, they weren’t really my style to begin with…plus, I needed more room 😦

The week after that they sent me another email: “Congratulations! You’ve earned another $10 gift certificate!” (I’m a member of their Rewards Club). This threw me off a bit since I hadn’t even been there in a few months, but hey GC’s are always nice.

 So today I get another email: “Last day for Double points is Saturday!” Oh no, my time is almost up! If my work was closer to a DSW I would’ve actually considered going there today during my lunch hour. So, why am I so strongly compelled to go anyway, even though I know I only have $30 to spend for the whole weekend (and next week), I have a closet full of shoes (none of which are falling apart), and when I know I shouldn’t be buying just to get double points?? (and we all know the purpose of rewards points is to get you to 1) spend money to reach the 1500 points you need, and 2) spend more money when you redeem the points later on)

 [sigh]. I know this is a non-argument. I just needed to get it out there so that I can realize how ridiculous this is. Besides, I get a certificate for my birthday as well in a few months, the GC I just got won’t expire until after that and they let you combine GC’s!! So, “problem” solved!