This has been a pretty good week. After transferring my site to wordpress last week I’ve actually started writing! I’m excited to have a place for me to vent, and thanks to everyone who has stopped by to visit.

 As for me being accountable for my spending…well, I haven’t had any spending to report! I withdrew $40 last Friday (accidentally, if you can believe that. I only meant to withdraw $20) with the intent that it should last me two weeks. Well, a whole week has gone by and I only spent $10 (on pizza last Friday) so I have $30 to last me this weekend and all of next week. I should be ok. We might be going out to eat this weekend, so I just have to make sure not to go overboard.

 Gas doesn’t count into my weekly spending, so I’ll report on how I did in that area next week. It’s been nice driving with the windows down in this weather though…and it saves me gas!