When I was little vacuuming was a big deal! We had carpets all over the house, and we had this HUGE vacuum cleaner. It was an  Electrolux, but that kind that lay horizontal and had a ton of attachments.

 (Holy Moly! This is it!! Photo courtesy of http://www.137.com/lux/luxlall.html)


I hated vacuuming when I was little…can you imagine a 6 year old trying to lug that thing around and vacuuming with that huge broom-extension thing? (Ughh…)  Because of that vacuum I was traumatized. I can’t stand cables all over the place, restricting my movement…no way! Well, I was on MSN today and I saw THIS!

Ergorapido Vacuum by Electrolux

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This is definitely the kind of vacuum I’m getting when I move. Small, sexy, AND cordless!


Ergorapido Vacuum by Electrolux

Vacuuming is not so bad in and of itself. It’s fighting the cords and hoses to yank a clunky sucker from the closet that usually drives people nuts. By contrast, the cordless, slender Ergorapido stick vacuum stores upright on a charger stand. And it looks good doing it, so you don’t have to hide this one behind your coats.


The Ergorapido neatly integrates traditional stick design with a detachable handheld, making it a two-in-one vacuum. Use the full stick for quick cleanups on hard floors or low-pile coverings, and simply grab the handheld portion off the stick as you need it to remove crumbs from a sofa or dust from a shelf. When you’re through, drop the Ergo back on its stand to recharge. The Diamond Sand model (pictured) offers 9 volts of suction power, which you can toggle between “normal” and “extra power” settings to preserve charge. As of June 2008, a 12-volt Havana Brown model will suck even better.


Retail price: $99


Available at: Target



(For the full article go to http://tech.msn.com/products/slideshow.aspx?cp-documentid=6275328)