About 6 months ago I realized that my clutter was taking over my life. I had graduated about a year and a half before, and never fully unpacked. Sure, I had unpacked what I needed, but I had winter clothes I had no where to put, tons of office supplies, and decorations for an apartment that didn’t fit into my 1 room.

Well, since January I’m proud to say I’ve been tackling it head on! Its a slow process, but I’m getting there. For those of you who’ve never suffered from clutter accumulation you may think this is silly… But when you’ve lived surrounded by “stuff” for as long as I have, its a big deal! Inspired by Leo at ZenHabits I’ve been giving myself a “habit” to tackle every month. I’ve made it silly things, such as NOT leaving any clothes out of its place (clothes in the hamper at night, if I try on multiple outfits they all go BACK in the closet, clothes put away (right away) when I do laundry), making my bed in the mornings, and thats actually all I’ve done so far. Its been quite successful for me though!

I’ve had to change a lot of how I think to get this far. I always had lots of “just in case” items, things I may not have used in 3 years, but I wanted to save in case I did want to use it later on. I’ve had waaaay too much clothes I never wore because I was waiting for myself to “lose weight”, and never reached that target weight. Clothes that was just OLD, and I wore just because I had it in the closet. I still have a lot of clothes issues to tackle, but I’ve made progress.

 I think my uncluttering goal has helped out a little bit with my finances along the way as well. When I go to the mall I not only have the excuse that I have to save money, I also can’t fill my room back up with junk!! It’s great! lol. I also haven’t allowed myself to buy any new furniture, decor, or anything until I move. I want my new apartment to be uncluttered (but not quite “minimalist”) and most importantly to have a clear and cohesive style. None of that college-dorm-mismatch-style decor!! My biggest goal is that when I move I only take what I need. Anything that doesn’t “fit” or feel right in the new place can stay behind, and ultimately, what stays behind gets donated.

It’s a little pathetic, but I feel as though I’m starting a new life! As my room gets clearer of clutter, I find myself with more time, and a clearer mind to think and focus on more important things. It’s amazing!!!

By the way you should check out Uncluterrer, especially if you’re into organization and a clutter-free lifestyle. It’s one of the non-PF websites I read every day!