Ever since I was a kid, I thought the most grown-up thing was for someone to plant seeds and have plants. Don’t ask why. I really don’t know. (I was actually hoping you could tell me.)

My mother loved plants, and still does. When we lived in the apartment we had tons of plants, afterall they make very nice decor. Over the years she has tried to pass down the love of plants to my sister and I. I tried, I really did. But sooner or later I would forget about them and stop watering them. I must’ve murdered dozens of dozens of plants.

About a month ago, my younger cousin (she’s 6) showed me a project they did at school. Her teacher had given her a peanut (unroasted), a cotton ball, and a small ziplock pouch. Add water to the cotton ball, place the peanut inside…and wait. I was amazed…if a 6 year old can grow a peanut, SO CAN I!

So I did. (haha)

So – 1 month later – I have two sprouting peanuts and I’ve just “planted” basil and parsley seeds…all on little cotton balls. I like this method. It’s perfect for those of us who have no patience since you don’t have to wait for them to sprout through the soil to see progress. Two days after the basil seeds were planted, they’re already sprouting!

I’ll probably have to go get some soil this weekend at Walmart, since the peanuts probably won’t’ last too much longer in a ziplock bag. While I’m there I’m hoping to find some Oregano, and maybe some other herbs I can enjoy cooking with. (perhaps some rosemary? and mint?)

And in case you’re wondering why I don’t just buy the herbs already grown…I like it more this way! Its more exciting and I’ll feel like I’m “doing” more, even though the likelihood that they’ll die before I can use any of the herbs is greater. That’s just a risk I’m going to have to take.

Other things I’d eventually like to grow (but don’t have room for):



-Strawberries (or any berries)

-Tomatos (although I don’t understand this one since I dislike eating them)

-Tulips (I LOVE tulips!)

[UPDATE: I checked up on my peanuts this weekend to see how they were doing. Apparently I left them in the ziplock bags for too long, one of them had a tiny bit of mold on it and both were wilting. Better luck next time? My basil and parsley are doing great though. I better plant them in soil before its too late! ]