This is a special week for me. Why? Because I’m out of the “red” with my spending budget!!!

 I went a little overboard in December with the Christmas spirit, and ran up a few more expenses than I was expecting. (I really don’t know how it happened!!!) While I was able to pay off my card without paying interest, it did end up taking some of my cushion from my savings account, so I’ve made up for it by having a deficit in my spending budget. I started off February with -$257.03, and as of today (end of March) I finally have a positive balance! The catch is, I now have to make $49.92 last me the whole week. I can do it, I just have to be careful.

Back to the weekly recap:

-3/21 Deposit left me with -$25.24 (I had taken out $40 the week before and at this point I had $30 left in cash)

-3/24 Wendy’s – Paid in cash, but I think it was just under $8 for me and my boyfriend

 -3/25 McDonald’s – Paid in Cash, $4.28 for me and my boyfriend

-3/27 Wendy’s – Paid in cash, $3.75 just for me

I know I’m missing something because I only have $5 left, but I’m going to the grocery store tonight, so I shouldn’t have to be eating out next week!!! (Except for Saturday, I have a $25 GC  I’m going to use from Over the past few months I’ve noticed that most of my money goes to food…I need to start cooking more!

Wish me better luck next week!