I have a confession I need to make. All this time that I’ve been calculating and posting my debts I haven’t ‘fessed up that I have credit card debt from my “business ventures.” I always treat business and personal finances separately , including separate checking accounts and credit cards, and although I include it all in my Net Worth calculations I didn’t think it was “necessary” to mention it here.

So, its time to come clean. I have $1,133.32 on my business credit card. While I should make that up in time, I didn’t want it sitting there accumulating interest that I’ll have to pay anyway. Every time I’d check my balance my stomach churned at looking at that negative number. So yesterday I did something I had been refusing to do until now. I transferred $1,133.32 from my Emergency Savings Fund to my checking account, which I will then use to pay off that card once and for all! This will cut my savings nearly in half, but I think its worth it both in the interest savings and my peace of mind. The transfer should be finalized by Thursday, and the payment should go through a couple days after that.

I could have waited a couple of weeks until my tax refund gets deposited, but I didn’t want to wait that long and have the interest compound on it. This way I’ll be sure that my refund covers the full amount (it should be about $1,300) and I’ll have some money left over in the end, which will also go to my Emergency Savings account. As for my Stimulus Rebate, its supposed to be for $600. $300 of those are going to my mom since I owe her money from a plane ticket she bought me last year. The other $300 is still up for debate. I may “stimulate the economy” by paying for my flight for that business seminar, or I may use it to fully finance my skydiving venture, or it will also go to my Emergency Savings. I have more time to figure that out though.

Although it was a dumb idea to put those expenses on a credit card (I should’ve just saved up the money and funded it from there), I did what I did and now I’m making up for it.

…I feel a little better already. 😦