I opted to participate in Krystal’s April Budget Challenge and so far, so good! Here’s my update…

(Note: I track my spending from Friday to Thursday, so its a little different to how everyone else is doing it and will include the last few days of March. I also started the week with -$25.24 since I was still trying to make up for overspending during Christmas)

Week 1: Starting Amount $-25.24

3/28 Deposit   $75.16 ($49.92 remaining)

3/30 Groceries & Cash   $35.44 ($14.48 remaining)

4/2 McDonald’s   $4.28 ($10.20 remaining)

Week 2: Starting amount $0 (extra $10.20 from last week helped to make up for going over my car expenses)

4/4 Deposit   $75.16

4/6 Walmart (seeds and soil)   $5.22  ($69.94 remaining)

4/8 Entertainment Book   $15.00 ($54.94 remaining) [Yeah…I went ahead and got it. I hope it’s worth it!]

4/10 TacoBell   $4.17 ($50.77 remaining) [Hungry and cranky…I’ll try not to do it again!]

4/?? Cash    $20.00 ($30.77 remaining**) [Yay! Extra money! $7.93 is going to help make up for the fact that I went over budget with gas last month, and $22.84 is going towards my Skydiving fund!]

Total Spending: $84.11 (Average $42.05 per week. Remaining $215.89 for the month or $72.96 per week.)

So that is my recap for the first two weeks in April. I have over $200 left and a little more than half the month left. I think I’m doing well so far! This week I’ll be cutting close though, since my friend is hosting a party (tomorrow) and I offered to bring a dessert and an appetizer (and some drinks for me…I don’t drink beer).  We’ll see how it goes!!