When it comes to some things, I’m fairly generous. With other things though, I can be… let’s just say not quite as generous.

Case in point: My friend is having a party tomorrow. I offered to help by bringing a dessert and an appetizer. No problem. I love cooking (read: showing off “ma skillz”) for people! Her and some of her other friends are taking care of everything else, including more food, more desserts (we like to eat a lot) and the drinks. This is where it gets questionable for me…


My friends and hers all drink beer (and sometimes mixed drinks, depending on the occassion), but I don’t like beer. So what will end up happening is that they will stock up the fridge with beer tomorrow. That’s fine with me. I don’t like forcing people to provide me with drinks when I have particular tastes. So what I was thinking was taking a pack of Smirnoff Twisted or Bacardi or some other malt beverage (yes, its true…my boyfriend and I drink like girls) so we can have something there that we like. Again, no problem with this. My problem is (and what has happened in the past) that I don’t want everyone else to drink these and leave me with nothing but beer, but I don’t know how to tell them this without feeling/sounding like a jerk.  I also don’t want to cling to the 6pack like some life preserver…they’ll end up getting warm, and I’ll look like a jerk anyway, lol.


I’d offer to take enough for everyone to have some, but its really not in my budget, so I can’t do that. So what should I do? Any suggestions? Or should I just suck it up and leave it to chance?