Growing up, my mom would only buy us clothes when it was on sale. We never argued about it too much, we just took her word for it when she said an item wasn’t worth the money on the price tag. The result is that even today I don’t (or very rarely) buy clothes or shoes at regular price.

What I’d like to do with this post is find out what others consider to be a “reasonable” price for things, and what you consider too much.  (So please comment with some feedback!!)

For example, I’ve always thought stores like J. Crew and Banana Republic were way overpriced. I love their clothes, but I just can’t see myself paying $130 (or more) for a knit dress, or $90 for a pair of jeans, $75 for a blouse, or $40 for what looks like a glorified t-shirt.  Is this generally considered “affordable”?

When it comes to shoes, most of the pairs I see in stores don’t go for under $60. The average prices I keep seeing at Nine West and Macy’s is usually $89. Personally, the most I’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes is $60 from what I recall (and I felt like I paid too much for them), with my average being around $35. Again, even though this is what most stores charge for shoes ($80+), it still feels like too much….am I just out of touch with reality?

As far as purses go, I’m not into designer brands and don’t believe in spending a lot on purses. Most of my purses were bought on sale around $40 (or much less), with my most expensive one being $60 (and it was actually a gift, and somewhat of a “novelty” item). When it comes to purses and shoes I buy more for the individuality of the piece rather than the brand. In fact, if I know anyone that has one like it I probably won’t buy it!  (Geez, I sound like a snob!) So, $200 Coach bags are out of the question for me!! (Much less, Prada, Gucci, etc…)

Now its your turn! What’s reasonable for you? Do you think I’m out of touch? Or are the clothing stores the ones that are overpricing their clothes?