Although I went over part of my spending for last weekend in a previous post, here is a full recap for the week. In summary, it was a mess! But luckily I can make it up during the next week. =[

(I must get out of that habit!)

Subway $6.74 ($68.42 left)
Grocery store $16.04 ($52.38 left)
McDonalds $4.28 ($48.10 left)

Cash Withdrawal $20.00 ($28.10 left)
Grocery Store $7.48 ($20.62 left)
Costco $18.50 ($2.12 left)

Netflix $14.97 (-$12.85 left)
TacoBell $3.07 (-$15.92 left)
McDonalds $4.17 (-$20.09 left)

Now its Friday again, but this week I only have $55.07 to last all week!!! My plan: take out $20 cash, and go grocery shopping for under $35. I think I can do it!!!

Looking at my expenditures week after week though, the good news is that I spend most of my money on food instead of clothes or junk. The bad news….I spend most of my money on food!!!! Next month is Krystal’s grocery challenge month, and I hope to tackle this monster then!!! If I just stopped eating out, that problem would be solved. =]