Monday again…
I woke up this morning, relatively energized and ready to start the week. I woke up on time, showered, got ready, and headed out a full 15 minutes early. I decided not to speed today. I even got into the office a bit earlier than usual.

I have to point out that on Mondays I don’t go to my regular office like I do the other days of the week. I go to the company headquarters (which is a bit further from where I live, because my boss likes it that way [shrugs]) which means I don’t really have a permanent office here. Well, today I get to the HQ…and once again they have no open spaces for me to sit in. [Whaaat?!!]

Its not the first time its happened. I wouldn’t mind, but for the fact that I’m carrying these heavy bags with my stuff and it makes me cranky (I really need to get one of those file carts…adding it to my “to-buy list” now). So here I am (yes, I’m blogging at work…I had to vent to someone!!!) sitting at some guys desk, hoping he doesn’t show up. If he does, who knows where I will go.

[sigh]. I was so armed with my positive attitude and determination to get tons of things done today…oh well. Maybe next week will start better.