I’ve been seeing lots of interesting posts out there lately relating to a lot of things I write or have written about, but I thought it’d be lame if I just posted a random link every five minutes. Then it occured to me…”I can post a collection of posts all at once!” (What a novel idea, right? ūüėČ )

So here it is, my first roundup EVER!

 Personal Finance and Intrusion. This is certainly something that has plagued me in the past, and I still try to avoid it. (From Trent at TheSimpleDollar)

Jeans that Fit.¬†Jeans are my sworn enemy…I love them, but its SO hard to find a pair that fits well!! I look forward to trying out some of her tips. (From Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen)

Savvy Shopping Tips. Allie again, but this time from My Wardrobe Today. I think this woman is great! She dresses very professionally, manages to still look cute doing so, and on top of that she doesn’t believe in credit card debt! She gives some good tips for¬†looking like $100 bucks…without spending it!

¬†What I Wore Today. This is Kasmira’s “photo diary” of her daily wardrobe. It’s not really PF related,¬†but I¬†might as well share it. I love how¬†she dresses, she has a great¬†sense of style in my opinion). Plus, she’s a big fan of thirfting, which I just may try out for a cheaper way to liven up my wardrobe. (Aha! And there’s the PF tie-in!)

GenPink: Advice. This is a website I’ve only recently “re-discovered”. Her website isn’t PF related per se, but as a 20-something woman there’s a lot I can relate to. Read her compilation of “Twenty Something Advice” articles (written by herself and by guest bloggers.)


It’s a bit on the short side this week, I’ll admit. I’m still debating when I’ll be doing the next one (I’m thinking Monday?), but for now…Enjoy!