I realized something exciting today!
(Don’t get too excited though…you may be sorely disappointed)

There has been some talk with my boss about moving me from the current office building I’m working in, to another one that will have more room for me. I’d still be doing the same job, just in a different place. I was pretty excited about this to begin with because:

  1. This new office was where I was supposed to go originally, but they came up with a plan in which I could stay at the other office for a while. (I was adjusting to a new position and could get help from the staff here, whereas at the other office there isn’t anyone that has the same position as me. Does that make sense?)
  2. My car would be treated so much better in a covered parking deck (or even just a proper parking lot).
  3. I can actually wear skirts and heels like a girl because I would be in a proper office buiding. (Our “parking lot” is covered with lots of rocks…essentially it looks like a site under construction, and is very difficult to walk in with heels, hehe.)

I’m not too sure when this change will be taking place, although I suspect it will be around May 1st. This is the date that they will be moving a “new guy” into my current office space and moving myself and another co-worker into a new room (a tiny room, at that).

So other than those three thrilling points that I mentioned before, there is one more that caused me to sit up in my seat and a lightbulb go off in my head: the new building is right next to a rail station!

This means that I would be able to carpool with my mom to her job (which is right next to another rail station), then I could hop on and take it to the station adjacent to our building! In the afternoon I’d zip right back to the station by my mom’s work, and drive back with her.

Right now I use about 1 tank per week. By carpooling I could save about half a tank per week at ~ $20 and $4 per week on tolls. The fare would be $12 a week (all this is assuming I only use my car on Mondays). This comes out to about $12 in savings a week, or $48 a month.

So what are the cons?

-My working hours sometimes vary with my mom’s working hours. We could probably work something out, but if I know I need to work late hours, I’d have to take my own car.

-It might inconvenience my mom (by making her wake up slightly earlier, or having to stay later at work until I meet her), and she might not let me know if it is an inconvenience. We may just try it a few times and see if it works out

-I might have to do a little walking to get to and from the rail stations (about a block, lol). This means I might not be able to wear those girly heels I was so excited about. I supposed I can still wear heels, but only ones I’m confident I won’t get blisters in.

-On Mondays I still have to go to another office (yes I know…we have a lot of offices!), so I still have to use my car. It takes half a tank round-trip so the savings won’t be quite as drastic as if I was doing it the whole week. (It would still be worth it though, right?)

-Since I go to a different office on Mondays, I need to take all of my “work things” with me on Friday evenings and Tuesday mornings. If this is manageable for me to do on the rail (without breaking my back or something), then it just might work. Otherwise I would still need to use my car these days. (Or I could take only what I know I’d need that day.)

-I won’t really be saving much time, since my overall commute would still be about an hour but at least that time wouldn’t be on the road (that makes it better, right? Plus we would actually be driving against the heavy traffic to get there!)

I’m more or less getting ahead of myself if I make any decisions right now. I still have to wait until my boss gives me the go-ahead and I can move into the other office. I really think it will be happening soon though! Once that happens I’ll sit with my mom to see exactly how we can work this out, including financial agreements and whatnot…even though she’ll try to not accept any money from me!

Sounds like a plan…we’ll see how it goes!