Ah, another glorious Friday! I feel much better going into the weekend this Friday…because I didn’t overspend this week! Here’s my recap:

4/18 Deposit $75.16 ($55.07 left due to a $20.09 deficit from last week)
4/18 Lunch with the ladies $6.37 ($48.70 left)
4/19 Cash $20.00 ($28.70 left)
4/20 Groceries $18.49 ($10.21 left)

It was a pretty good week as far as spending goes, but this weekend I’m going to have to make some purchases, including taking my car for maintenance (if I will just make the time for it), more groceries, and buying a portable file cart so I don’t break my back on Monday and Tuesday.  Luckily I have some low-cost plans for the weekend such as visiting a botanical garden on Saturday (free for me and a guest!), cleaning up around the house (yay), and watching some more Netflix movies. I might even tackle those delicious Strawberry Banana muffins that Stacking Pennies mentioned (mm-mmm!).

Have a great weekend!