[Warning: This post has very little (if anything) to do with PF. Read on if you don’t care. ] 😉 

I typically write fairly lengthy To-Do lists every Friday (and every other day of the week, haha) that I diligently set out to accomplish by the end of the weekend. More often than not though, more than half of the list goes untouched. Oh Well…all I can do is keep trying!

This weekend was neither productive, nor exciting. (Bummer.) It was not a complete waste though. I finally purchased the Portable File Cart I needed to use on Mondays for work. I’ve only used it once so far…but I’ve already concluded that it was WORTH EVERY PENNY! (All 2,674 of them!) It fits all of my files, my sweater, my lunch, AND my laptop. All I need to carry is my purse, and the rest just rolls behind me. (Why did I wait so long to get this?!)

I also re-discovered a beauty product I used to use. A while ago I’d tried a facial highlighting pen (Mary Kay, Shade 1) and I wasn’t completely impressed. It worked ok, but I didn’t understand what my friends were raving about. Well, this weekend it occured to me that maybe I needed to try another color…so I called up my friend and I tried out Shade 2 (more of a pinkish tone). What a difference!!! I now understand what the big deal was…it blended fabulously and looks great. (Best of all I exchanged the new color for the old one and didn’t have to pay zilch!)

Some wonderful news: I checked the IRS website yesterday and I should be getting my refund by May 13th! I opted for direct deposit, so hopefully I should have it by that day or even earlier! I’m not counting on my Rebate until later in the month since I filed my taxes later. It’d be a nice surprise to get it earlier though. =D

On another note…I couldn’t find floss at Costco this weekend! Crazy, I know…so now I’ll have to go get some at Walmart. Its not a huge deal though, since I needed to get some deodorant there anyway. We were also able to do some Mother’s Day shopping at Costco as well. My mom and I got some Reed Diffusers for my grandmother and aunts for $8 each! (All I need to get now is a gift for my mom!) Ah, I love Costco…

So what’s on my To-Do list this week? First, I need to return my library books before I get charged late fees, I need to hem a pair of pants, I need to watch and return some Netflix/Blockbuster movies if time allows, I need to store the laundry I did last week (ugh, so embarrassing!), and I need to start doing some research if I ever plan on moving out!!

Have a great week!