Thursdays are my favorite day of the work week, if you don’t count Fridays. Its the last day I have to dress “professionally” as Fridays are casual around here, its the last day of my week as far as expense tracking goes, and Thursday has the best TV lineup of the week!!! So its really like the first Friday of the week, followed by the actual Friday (something I used to tell myself when I was in school). I think it also has to do with not being fully recovered from the college mentality yet, and how every other bar out there has Thursday College Nights (I never quite figured out why though…)

So in honor of Thursday, my favorite day of the work-week here is a series of musings, courtesy of Moi…


A friend of mine just sent me this list in an email.

The following companies just filed for Bankruptcy:
Hollywood Video
Sharper Image
Performance Team Freight
Linens n Things
Circuit City
Bed, Bath and Beyond
If you have gift cards from the above list use them ASAP, they will not be valid for much longer.

I don’t know if its necessarily true, but I figure its worth noting. (Maybe its time to use that $4 I have left on my LNT gift card! hehe)

On another note, I checked out the Spilling Buckets Income Streams (a “spinoff” of their Spilling Buckets blog) and signed up for one of the companies they reviewed (ICC/DS). That was last night, and this morning I already had an invite to do a Mystery Shop! Thanks guys!!

Last week in my First Round-up Ever I mentioned one of my new favorite sites, What I Wore Today. Well, I forgot to mention a post she wrote about the Flickr group Wardrobe Swap Shop. I haven’t checked it out myself, but the idea seems interesting!  In another post she goes over her Second-Hand buying Strategies. I agree that Thrifting is not for everyone, but looking at some of the things she’s gotten I’m thinking of giving it a try as well.

I probably shouldn’t be enabling my fellow shoe-addicts, but DSW just launched online shopping on their website!!!! I probably won’t buy any shoes from their website, but at least I can browse their styles before stopping by the stores. Plus, sign up for a Rewards Card, log in, and get FREE Shipping on any purchase! (Otherwise its Free shipping for orders over $50.)

Finally, it’s a new month so within the next week (around the 8th…gotta wait for the CC statement and Student Loan bill to go through) I’m going to be updating my numbers for the month and posting a Net Worth analysis for the first time! I’ve calculated a Net Worth in the past, but not yet on my blog. I’ll also officially post my goals for the month. Right now I have way too many so I have to figure out which ones I’m actually going to go for.

Have a glorious Thursday!