Last week ended really well…with a $34 surplus!! This week didn’t go quite as well. Here’s my spending recap:

5/2 Deposit $75.16
5/2 CVS & cash $21.52 ($53.64 left)
5/3 Cheesecake Factory $38.74 ($14.88 left)
5/4 Walmart $12.99 ($1.89 left) [included 2 kinds of deodorant I’m testing out, 2 pots for my herbs, and floss]
5/4 BK $7.26 (-$5.37 left)

So I’ll be starting off the next week with a $5.37 deficit, plus another $4 that I took from a “stash” because I needed cash for a mystery shop I did this morning. I’ll probably just take out cash tomorrow and replace it right away, but that brings up another question….

I need to figure out how I’m going to handle my mystery shop income…some of it is going to be reimbursements, and I don’t want to throw it together with the savings. Technically this is money I’m taking from my fun money, so I think what I’ll do is pool it into my “overflow” fund (which is where my unused fun money goes at the end of each week).

As for the grocery challenge, I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet!! That would explain why I’ve been eating horribly lately (fast food after work on Monday and Tuesday, no lunch on Monday and Wednesday). I still have food at home, so I want to really take some time and plan what I can use without letting anything spoil….then I’ll go grocery shopping. I need to expand my cooking/food prep creativity!!!

On another front…my boyfriend is no longer un-employed!!! For now, that is. He does freelance work, and he just got a gig for the next 3 months. He’d been pretty bummed out for the past few months about not having money (and increasing debt), but he’s been tied up with projects for school and one of the school organizations. Now that he’s free for the summer this job just fell into his hands. I don’t think it pays much (I didn’t ask him how much they finally decided on paying), but I’m so happy for him…maybe in the future I’ll go more into detail about what he does, but he’s truly following his dreams, and it just makes me so proud. 😀