No, not that kind of gas…lol.

I’ve just been told that I have to drive up to my company’s HQ 4 times next week!! That’s right….4 times! I always go on Mondays, and this Tuesday I have to go to meet with a boss to close out a project I’m working on. But then Wednesday and Thursday I have to go for training.

Why oh why?!!!

I’m definitely having a talk with my boss…I need to start expensing gas, even if its just a portion of what I use on Mondays. Like I mentioned before, it costs me about $22 to drive to work…just on Mondays! Multiply that by 4, and its $88. That’s slightly more than half a day’s worth of work!!

Maybe I’m over reacting, but just the thought of having to wake up at the crack of dawn (take that back…before the crack of dawn) to get to work, where I will be stressed out to the max since we’re trying to close on a project, just to have to drive another 2 hours back (eh, its more like 1.5), AND pay $20 each day for gas…AND REPEAT IT ANOTHER 3 TIMES….well, I’m exhausted and aggravated just thinking about it!! In fact, I almost started crying when I read the email. (And then I got a hold of myself and said “get yourself together, woman!!”)

Am I reacting unreasonably? I normally drive 13 miles to work each way (but it takes about 50 minutes to do so with traffic), and I can deal with that. But this is an extra 423 miles we’re talking about here (normally 271 miles a week, 694 miles next week).

I realize this is my job and I gotta do it…so I’m not realistically planning on complaining about having to be over there 4 times in one week (although I will bring up expensing the gas or mileage for my Monday commutes. It does add up.) I just needed a place to vent.  :-/

Is it too early to retire?!