Yesterday, I went to the mall!!! It’d been so long since I’d gone, but I don’t feel badly about that part. (unfortunately it was the day before mother’s day, so it was full of frantic men and families looking for anything to get for the mother’s in their lives.)

We went (my mother and I) with a very specific goal, to go to Ann Taylor and check out what they have. In the process I also wanted to check out the inventories at The Limited (I have two $15 off coupons w/ no minimum purchase), Nine West (I’ve been needing a pair of cute and new sandals, plus I like to check out their sales), and Payless (I’ve been needing a pair of cute and new sandals….and I like to pay less. lol. You’d be surprised at the things I’ve bought there!). My mother also wanted to pay her balance at Macy’s.

To spare you all the gory details, we spent most of our time at Ann Taylor Loft. They had a 20%-off-your-entire-purchase sale, and my mom had found a bunch of cute tops during her lunch hour at another location. After about an hour off exhausting rummaging through the racks I found a number of cute tops in my size, yay! (Well, I wasn’t sure what size I was so I had to get two sizes of each style…twice as exhausting) In the end I found 3 shirts I liked and 1 dress, however I had just received my $50 gift card from my company (for completing that health assessment…easiest money EVER!) and I didn’t want to go over that (no fun money left for this week!) It all worked out because one of the shirts really didn’t seem worth the $24 to me, and the dress was slightly on the big side (and I plan on losing some weight. Even a few pounds would have left it looking baggy), leaving only two shirts for $20 each. My total was about $43, still leaving me with a bit of a balance on my card! The great thing is that I can wear these shirts to work, as well as on the weekends…they are super cute!

On another note, I LOVE the new Nine West collection. I was itching to even try on a few of their new pairs, but I was afraid to fall further in love (its like test driving cars….don’t ever drive until you’re ready to buy!).  At $80 each, I can’t afford to fall more deeply in love with them. Plus, how could I ever choose one color over the others?!! I definitely hope those are deeply on sale soon, or that they still have them at DSW when I get my $10 birthday GC from them!

Happy Mother’s Day to any mother’s out there reading this!!