When I started doing my Net Worth calculations in November it was quite depressing. My net worth was a whopping -$11,141.32. Now we’re in May and for the first time ever I have a POSITIVE Net Worth!!

Here is my summary from the beginning of May:

Car Loan $ 3,120.00
Student Loan $ 29,297.10
CC 1
$ 50.00
CC 2 $
Total Debt $ 32,467.10
Debt % Change -1.24%
Checking $ 1,264.81
Savings $ 652.82
DP Fund $ 27,635.58
E Fund $ 3,163.52
Roth IRA $ 494.17
401(k) $ 5,285.85
Total Assets $ 38,496.75
Asset % Change 12.82%
Net Worth $ 6,029.65
Total % Change 382.34%

I am proud to say that I am no longer worthless!!! That is not to say that I tie my self-worth to the value of my “assets” ( 😉 )…and what does this really get me? Not much, but it feels nice to know that what I have in the bank is greater than what I owe on my student loans! Once I decide to buy a house…that’s a different story. I better enjoy this “worth” while I can!