I think I may have to try this challenge again at a later month. First of all, I’ve only gone to the grocery store once so far this month, and it was only to purchase some things to bake those Strawberry Banana Muffins posted on SugarLaws.com (delicious, by the way…but only if you don’t like overly sweet things. They don’t have any sugar, only honey.) I’ve been eating a lot of things that we already have in the fridge or freezer, and this whole week they are providing lunch for us here at work…I feel like I’m cheating!!!

So, for the purposes of getting through the month, I’ll still post all of the groceries I buy, but I’m going to do this again next month. It’s only fair, right?

5/11 shopping trip:
Soap 3pk (for my mom) $2.19
Strawberries (2 packs) $4.00
Dry Yeast $1.49
American Cheese Singles $3.19
Sour cream $1.39
Seltzer Water (2) $1.18
Whole wheat flour $2.69

Total: $16.37

That means I still have $133.63 left in my May grocery budget.

As a side note, I usually buy a bag of grapefruit each week for $2.99 so that I can eat some fruit at work. I went to purchase one on Sunday and it was $5.49!!!! They were selling them individually as well, for $.99. Why would you sell a pack of 5 for $5.50 when you can just buy 5 for $4.95?! Beats me. I had to leave them at the register because the price wasn’t posted in the produce area.