Apparently my company is hosting its second annual weightloss competition this year (who knew?!) I found out from a tiny little flyer they have posted in the lobby, and I’m actually thinking about entering.

So here’s the deal: it starts on Monday the 19th and costs $20 to enter. It lasts for 3 months, and the person to lose the highest percentage of body weight is the winner! They actually have 3 prizes…1st prize is 60% of the pool money, 2nd place is 25%, and 3rd place is 15%.

I’m not sure what my chances are of winning, but I think it’d be fun to try! I also don’t know how many people would enter, so I don’t know how much I stand to win. 

So…should I do it?! Is it worth possibly losing my $20? (And having some people at work find out how much I weigh?!!! lol, sadly enough, I think this part is what scares me the most!)