Only a few days ago I made the transition to a positive net worth, so when I saw this interesting post at BudgetsAreSexy and I decided to steal it! (heehee)  So how do I measure up?


The good news is that in comparison with the rest of my age group, I’m doing really well!!! lol. The median is only $400 (understandable with all the student loans most of us graduate with nowadays!), and my net worth is a POSITIVE $6k!! (Not as good as Mr. J Savings’ $66k, but I’m getting there!)

However, in comparison with my income group I’m way behind…by approximately $103k. lol, no biggie…I’ve got many years ahead of me to increase my net worth, so right now I will just relish the fact that I have a positive net worth!

So, how do you stack up? Check it out at!