Its only week 2?!! This week felt like it flew by, but it also feels like an eternity since I’ve done a recap…here is the one for this past week.

5/9 Lunch at a cafe $5.67 ($64.12 left)
5/9 CVS and cash $15.87 ($48.25 left)
5/11 Groceries $16.37 ($31.88 left)
5/12 Moes $10.80 ($21.08 left)
5/15 CVS $2.12 ($18.96 left)

From those $18.96 that were left over, $7 were taken and put into my gift fund, completing May’s goal for a $50 additional contribution, and the rest was put into my “Misc./Extra Money” pool (for random indulgences and impulses…I don’t let it go over $50 though)

This month also presented a lot of situations that called for transferring money around. Call me slow, but I just spent the last half hour trying to figure out the numbers so that I can minimize the number of actual transactions. Either way, I screwed up and ended up doing 3 transfers back and forth for different amounts on my checkings and savings accounts, lol. If I’d have figured out the numbers before getting all transfer happy, it probably wouldn’t have been as difficult.

I’m getting to the point that I look at my balances and update my sidebars so frequently that any change seems SOOO slow! lol. I’m going to have to limit myself to twice a month. That’ll make the changes seem slightly more dramatic!

One final bit of good news…it turns out that with my new insurance plan my bc pills are half the price they were before! At the pharmacy they are now $25, and with our mail-order plan they are $16.67!!!!!! (That’s where the extra $100 for my gift fund came from.) Whoo-hoo! I love these kind of surprises!