My boss rocks! He felt badly that I had to do the long drive the past 4 days, and since I haven’t been assigned a new project to work on (since we just wrapped up the one I was working on) he called me and said I could leave the office at noon…so I did!! So now I get a head-start on the weekend. Right after work I took advantage and completed a mystery shop I was going to complete later (check!), and after I have lunch in a few (probably taco bell if my BF doesn’t call and want something else…) I am going to DSW to have a quick look. Their sandal sale was supposed to start yesterday, but usually their sales don’t amount to much for me, unless its their clearance. I always hit that up first regardless.

Tonight I hope to finally watch Juno. I’ve been holding onto it waaay too long, and its turned into an almost $15 rental since I’ve held onto it for exactly one month! (one of the dangers of Netflix, lol) Perhaps if I get home early enough I’ll make some pizza dough for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow I actually have an appointment at the Laser hair removal place. Its just a consultation, and I want to see what they’ll charge. I also want to find out if they have any 0% interest plans (I know a lot of you don’t approve of these, but I figure why tie up my cash if they can extend the period with no charge to me?)
I also have a breakfast mystery shop to do in the morning, so it should also be a busy day for me!

After that, I don’t really have any plans. I have to do laundry, but I think I’ll do that sometime today.
On Sunday I’d really like to go out with my BF and a couple of our friends…one in particular. I think his girlfriend just broke up with him after almost 3 years, but he hasn’t told us anything yet (I’m assuming its happened based on a few notes she has up on facebook, and a conversation we had a month ago). Either way, I think we need to be there for him. Sunday is also the only day my BF gets off from work (as well as Monday, but I’m at work and then I have to go to bed early).

Well, have a great weekend!!!