I was very bad this weekend.

To start, on Friday after my last post I did go to DSW…I browsed the clearance section, and I was really good. There were two totally cute pairs of shoes, but I know they wouldn’t have been practical with my wardrobe. I proceeded to check out the rest of their shoes and saw so many I would have loved to take home with me, but I had gone in looking for sandals and/or flats ( I really don’t need any more mile-high heels) so that really helped me focus. In the end (about 1.5 hours later) I found two pairs of shoes…blue pantent leather sling-back semi-flats (I’d say they have a 1″ heel) with a “bow” on the front, and a pair of brown strappy flat sandals. With my $10 certificate the total came out to $50 (not bad, right? At least that’s what I tell myself)

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I had stopped there…on Saturday I did my breakfast mystery shop, but I think I had too much sugar and started to feel sick. After that I went to Walmart, where I checked out the yoga mats. I originally wanted to get an inexpensive one that usually goes for about $15. They had one for $10 at Walmart, but after looking at it I decided it was too thin. They had a slightly more expensive, but way thicker one for $18 and thats what I went with. I also bought a buffing block for my nails ($1.89) and a knee brace ($5.50) but the brace didn’t work/fit so I’m going to be returning it soon. The good news is that I was able to pay for this with my $25 cash back GC from my Amex card!!

As I mentioned last post, I also had a consultation scheduled at the Laser hair removal place. My sister had told me she’d looked into it, and it was about $1,000, so that’s what I was prepping myself for. Well, for the full face its $3,2000!!!!! I have some hair, but I’m not willing to spend that much to get rid of it!!! I spoke to my mom about it, and my aunt might know of a few other places that are cheaper and I can look into. I’ll keep looking at prices, but I think this will have to wait several months at the least.

After that I decided to go to the mall (after all, it was only 1pm!) I went to my local mall and went to Ann Taylor first. They were having a 25% discount on the already discounted merchandise. I’d gone last week, but I only got a few basics.

At this point I already knew I shouldn’t have gone into the store. On my tracking log I had about $56 left, and I hadn’t yet counted my shoe purchase in there. I had about $30 in my “whatever fund”, but I wasn’t sure exactly how much. Well, I went in anyway. In the end I walked out with a new pair of dark jeans (I’ll be needing a new pair, and these were $14.99!), a pair of pinstripe shorts (motivation to work out the legs, and get some sun…$11), a green clutch (adorable, only $12!), a black tank top (very nice fabric, and I’ve been looking for a replacement for my dingy one! $22), a white sleeveless shirt with black piping (its hard to describe this top, but its well constructed and totally adorable! $20). So while I spent just over $80 (ouch!) I felt that each of these purchases was justified…kinda… I’m just really banned from the mall until I can get back to a zero balance.  😀

On Sunday I stayed home all day (a major bummer), but I got A LOT done. My room was starting to fall apart with my hampers overflowing with dirty laundry, a humongous pile of clean clothes at the foot of my bed, and weeks of junk mail strewn around my nightstand. Yeah, I’m a pig. I was able to do ALL of my laundry (all but some sheets that need to be washed…I’m waiting until next week to wash two sets of sheets together), I put away ALL of my clean clothes (and the newly cleaned clothes, lol), shredded CC offers, and did some more cleaning. Plus, I was finally able to watch Juno (after holding onto it for an entire month), and I put it in the mail this morning (cute movie, by the way). My only expense for the day was my $3.47 Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s. I was too weak by 5:00 to cook anything.

So that was my weekend…sorry I had to bore you with all the details!!