Anyone that knows me in person, knows that I love shoes…more so than purses, more than random articles of clothing, more than jewelry. (Maybe not more than chocolate.) Shoes are my thing. I’d love to go more into detail about my love for shoes, but I think I’ll save that for another day.  😉

I shop a lot at Nine West and DSW, and my shoes generally look fairly expensive (probably because they were…at one point! But not when I bought them! hehe) However, I don’t discriminate, so  I also shop at Payless.

You’d be surprised at what you can find at Payless. Some people complain about the quality and/or durability of the shoes. I’ve actually had some really good experiences…as well as some bad ones, but who hasn’t had bad shoe experiences with any store?!

Some of my favorite pairs of shoes have come from Payless…no kidding! I remember when I was in high school I got a pair of black strappy wedges from there. I loved those shoes. They were totally in style, I didn’t have to fight with my mom to get them (because they wouldn’t break the bank), and best of all they lasted forever! I finally got rid of them my 2nd year in college because they looked a little dated, but they were in great shape even then. The funny part was my cousin had an identical pair…except she paid $60 at a department store. Mine? No more than $17!!

In high school I also had a pair of flat strappy sandals from Payless. I loved them so much that I had a pair in tan AND black. I wore them to death…well into college, and almost through my senior year. I’ve never been able to find another pair of sandals like those. (I wish I had pictures of these!!) How much did those cost me? $10 and $9.

If you think Payless shoes are low priced to begin with, imagine their clearance section! The finds for me are few and far between, but you can get some great shoes from there! In fact, the shoes I’m wearing right now were from the Payless clearance section. They’re tan suede heels (thin heel) with a pointy toe, are mary jane style, and with a cutout design on the sides. Guess how much they cost? $7! No one else would guess it….I actually got two compliments on them today  (and they’re already at least a year old)

My boyfriend’s sister once commented to me (as I walked into their house with my Pink canvas pumps with the wood heel) “You’re always wearing the cutest shoes! I love those!” These were a bit pricier…they were $18.

Payless is great for trendier styles that you’d love to try, but don’t dare spend $50 on something that won’t last more than a season. They usually follow the latest trends, and quite often have knock-offs of designer brand styles. The only downside would be that they won’t always last you a lifetime, and these shoes won’t always be the most comfortable fit (although my mom claims that Payless makes the shoe forms that fit her the best…better than the average shoe out there. And trust me, she’s tried her fair share of shoes!)

So, for those of you who scoff at those shoes from Payless, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!! 😉 You may be pleasantly surprised.


Finally, this isn’t a sponsored post…I promise! lol