I was crunching some numbers the other day, and it finally sank into my head that I’m not going to be able to make my TV fund goal by the time I had wanted to.

Originally, my plan was to save up some money ($900) so that I can buy myself a flat panel TV, preferably 32-36 inches in time for the transition to digital in February. As of right now, I’ll be lucky if I have half of that. My other goals have a higher priority, and I wouldn’t be able to contribute enough.

Why such a big TV? I figure this will be the TV that I take with me when I move out, and I want one that’s big enough that my boyfriend won’t whine when I make him watch movies on it. I have a 19″ TV right now and he whines (the one at his house is 50″, but its not his). Plus, I think its worth saving up for it. Some might disagree…but its a tradeoff I’m willing to make.

So, what will happen if I don’t make that goal?

Well, for a while I debated whether I could live without ANY TV for the months between the transition in February to the time I can afford the TV. I don’t think I can…Netflix can’t sustain me for that long! I need my morning shows (and night shows…and prime time shows…lol)!! Then I considered getting a new yet smaller TV that has a built in digital tuner. I think that would be a waste of money though, that’s easily $200-300!

 What I kept forgetting to consider, however, was that I could get a $40 coupon and purchase a converter for around $10 (or maybe $20)!! Why didn’t I think of that before?!

I just requested my coupon, and now I just have to do some research before it arrives. I want to spend as little money as possible, because I really consider this a short term solution. I don’t see myself hanging onto my little 19″ Sylvania TV for more than a year and a half or so, but I don’t think I can go without ANY TV for several months either (sad, isn’t it?) And I’m definitely not charging a $900 TV on my card. No matter what way you put it, its NOT an essential purchase!

I know the “big transition” isn’t happening until February, but they say coupon supplies are limited and I don’t want to have to buy a converter for $50. Plus, what’s the worst that could happen? I spend $20, and end up getting a new TV anyway? Well, I’ll have two TV’s that work (or I can give it to someone in my family…converter and all). I’d rather have a guarantee ahead of time than be scrambling at the last minute for a solution!