Sometimes I feel as though I’m incredibly behind the times. Sure, I blog, I email, I facebook (ugh)…but I hate Blackberry’s, I refuse to text (most of the time), I HATE bluetooth headsets…and I can go on, but I’ll spare you.

There are some things that no matter how much time passes, strikes me as antiquated (in a cute way, not as in “incredibly useless”. Does that even make sense?) One of these is the library.

I still remember going to the library in elementary school and having to use a step stool to reach the top drawers of the “Card Catalog”. Remember those?! For any teenagers reading this (are there any?)…its this huge file cabinet type thing, but with small drawers. Inside are index cards, one for each item in the catalog (aka books). Well, thats about as much as I remember since I was in elementary school. But I remember there being a whole “class” dedicated to learning how to use it. Apparently I didn’t do a very good job of learning, but thankfully the card catalog was replaced with online catalogs.

I digress again…for the past two years I’ve been rediscovering the local library. I had banned myself years ago because I’d accumulated so much in fines, but when I finally got a car the first trip I took by myself was to the library. Since then I’ve discovered so many non-antiquated features that the library has adopted!!!

Now at the library you can do automatic checkout at a self-serve station, you can request books online (!!!), they can send them to your house (for $2 each), you can rent movies (selection is kind of crappy though), you can borrow a laptop during your visit, they have free Wi-fi, and my most recent discovery….they have a digital library!!  I’m still figuring out the system, but I can get E-books (pdfs), Audio books (downloadable, and some can be burned to CD’s), and Videos (selection is still kind of crappy, but who knows…)!! I looked through their collections just now and I’ve already found 3 audiobooks I’m interested in! (not to mention the “Learn [X-language] in your car” series!!)

 What I’m trying to say is libraries today aren’t what they used to be! Check yours out, and you may find it isn’t that dark and dingy place you remembered it to be. (Or am I the only one that remembers “the library” that way?)