A few weeks ago (or was it more?) I discovered something amazing…Google Reader! I knew there had to be something out there that could tell me when the blogs that I read regularly had new posts up, and there was! Ever since, I have been logging into google every day and faithfully reading. However, there’s something I miss about checking up on my blogs manually…

1) I don’t get to see everyone’s cool layouts. I think a layout has a lot to do with one’s perception and mood when you read a blog, and google just has the same straightforward format for every blog and post that you read.

2) You don’t get to read comments. There have been a lot of times that I quickly read a post, and enjoy it…however when I go on to read what people have commented, I realize a whole other conversation has developed that I might have missed!!! I still click on posts when I have time, but I’m afraid I may have missed some good exchanges out there.

3) I don’t think that it counts as a website “hit” when I read people’s blogs on a reader…and anyone that blogs knows its nice to see that people have actually been looking at your site!! (If you disagree, I think you’re lying! lol)

As far as the second two items, I figure there isn’t much that I can do about it other than visit each blog manually every once in a while. As for the 1st item I’ve considered the idea of just making a “list” of all the blogs I read and checking them all at a set time each day (instead of checking in a few times a day to read them as they are updated), but to be honest I read way too many blogs to do that AND still have time to actually read what they’ve posted. So I think a reader is the best option for me.

So, does anyone know of any other readers out there that would actually display layouts and comments? I have no idea if that would exist…but I figure its worth asking!

By the way, if you know I read your blog and/or you’ve noticed that you’re not on my blogroll just let me know and I’ll add you!! I forget about updating it, and chances are you’re on my reader already!!