What a spending mess this weekend was!!  

Here’s my recap:
5/13 Netflix $14.97 ($60.19 left)
5/15 Taco Bell $4.17 ($56.02 left)
5/16 DSW $50.19 ($5.83 left)
5/17 Grocery $9.76 (-$3.93 left)
5/17 Ann Taylor $69.22 (-$73.15 left)
5/17 Ann Taylor $12.03 (-$85.18 left)
5/18 Wendys $3.74 (-$88.92 left)
5/19 Weightloss Contest @ work $20.00 (-$108.92 left)
5/19 Deposit from “Whatever Fund” $35.34 (-$73.58 left)
5/20 CVS $2.86 (-$76.44 left)

So next week I am starting with a deficit even after I get my deposit!! Eeek! I think what I’ll do is take out $20 cash and NOT use my cards at all until I get back to zero. The good news is that I won’t need any more clothes or shoe shopping for a while! I should also be getting about $60 from my mystery shopping by the end of next month. Too bad it takes so long to get paid!

I might go skydiving this weekend. If I do, I already have that money set aside so I will just have to limit the eating out. I should be on my “eating plan” by then, so I hope that helps keep me from temptation!