Well, the weekend went much better than I expected…although it may be because I wasn’t expecting much. We didn’t go skydiving, but we’re finalizing the plans to go next Sunday! (My friend is making the reservations today!)

So as to not bore everyone with the minute details of the weekend (which is what I’d normally be tempted to do), I’ll just give a recap:

Friday: I honestly have no idea what I did. And its not because I partied to hard!! lol. I think it was just real boring.

Saturday: I walked 5k! (A big thing for me) Hung out with my family, went to Costco and Sams Club (a typical weekend ritual for us), and then we all went to help my sister and husband install their (ridiculously expensive) new TV. She treated us all to pizza! (Not to mention chips/salsa, and yummy chewy chocolate chip cookies…)

Sunday: Worked out again (go me!), then started an afternoon-long cookout! Delicious, and pretty healthy if you don’t count the hundreds of chips I ate. Went out to dinner and drinks with the boyfriend and friends later…BF treated me! (The funny part is when we got to the restaurant, we all decided against the drinks…it was interesting, lol. I think we’re they’re! getting old!)

Monday: I worked out despite the fact that I scraped a chunk of skin off my toes…on both feet! (Dang, I’m good! lol) Hung out at home, and then in the afternoon I invited my BF to the local botanical garden. It was the perfect date on a perfect day!! 😀 (Plus it was free, since I have a member’s pass) Days like that remind me that its worth putting up with his odd work hours…

He later treated me to lunch, I went home to take a nap, then we met up again to watch a scary movie I’d rented. (The Orphanage. Not as scary as it was suspenseful, but I loved it!!)

So that was my wonderful no-spend weekend. It was honestly one of the best I’ve had in a long time, and not because of the “no-spend” part (although that was great too). I got to enjoy a lot of quality time with the people I love the most.