I know the week isn’t over quite yet, but since I start my new week on Friday, I just wanted to go ahead and close up the week before I’m tempted to spend more money!

I started off the week already owing myself money. Even after adding in my allowance I was still in the red (due to excessive shopping). It didn’t help any that I forgot to prepare a lunch on Friday. (Luckily I hadn’t eaten out any other days that week.)

Starting Balance: -$1.28 (Last week’s deficit, after the $75.16 allowance)
5/23/08: Lunch @ work $5.67 (-$6.95 left)
5/27/08: Groceries $10.55 (-$17.50 left)

That means I will have $57.66 to spend for next week after I add in my “Fun Money” allowance! I should be ok again. 🙂