So, how’d you do with your May goals? As for me, I didn’t do as wonderfully as I would’ve liked. Here’s a recap:

1. Krystal’s Grocery Challenge: I didn’t do much grocery shopping this month, so I felt like I was cheating. I’m attempting this again in June with the same goal: $150 for the month.

2. Contribute $50 to my gift fund – I did it! I contributed $150.92 ($100 over)

3. “Brown Bag it” 4 days of the work week. This was hit and miss, so I’m going to have a “do-over”

4. Watch no more than 1.5 hours of TV each day. I failed miserably. I’m embarrassed to admit it…but I watch both Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, so this was a bad TV month for me. Now that practically all my shows are over, I’m going to try it again, lol.

5. Be in bed by 11pm. Some days I did it, some I did not.

6. Wake up by 9am on weekends. I did fairly well and only missed a day or two.


My goals for June are going to be slightly redundant….

1. Stay within a $150 grocery budget for the month.

2. Contribute an extra $50 to my gift fund in addition to the automatic contributions.

3. Bring lunch from home every day of the week.

4. Watch no more than 1.5 hours of TV per day. (No more LOST to watch -( )

5. Be in bed with TV turned off by 11pm weeknights and Sundays.

6. Wake up by 9am on weekends.

7. Do something for my business each week.

8. Reach out to 2 friends in town I haven’t spoken to in a while. Bonus points if we meet up. (Got this idea from Krystal…I love it!)