I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed, but I haven’t been posting as much lately. I’d say its due to several reasons…1) lack of inspiration, 2) anxiety, 3) I’ve been feeling kinda less than optimal (in other words, sick).

As of next Tuesday I’ll be done with the project that I’m currently working on, so I think things will get better by then. However, until Tuesday I’m going to be wanting to pull my hair out and throw up simultaneously. (Ohh, and I just remembered that as of Tuesday I’ll be able to have fruit again! And my boyfriend will be back from his business trip.)

Anyway, I thought I might share a picture that always makes me smile when I look at it (in case anyone else out there needs some cheering up).


My favorite picture of my “niece”! (Look, she’s smiling!!!)

(Let’s hope no one I know runs into this picture post…it’d be a dead giveaway!)

I need to remember to relax every once in a while. As my cousin likes to remind us all “This too shall pass”.