[Warning to the boys: this post is entirely about “lady issues”, so read at your own risk. ]

I kind of mentioned this in a previous post, but I think my pills were making me cranky. Ok, not just cranky…but also weepy, bitchy, and quite aggressive (particularly towards crappy drivers!) It’s taken me a while to notice this, but its definitely got to be the hormones.

Today I finally had my appointment with “the doctor”, and I mentioned this to her. Her first recommendation was Yaz (as many of you ladies recommended as well!), so as of today I have a new prescription. I still have about a week and a half of old pills, so it will be a while before I start taking these.

[Here’s where the PF comes in] The good news is that with my new insurance I’m still going to be spending half of what I used to on my prescription. A 3 month supply is only $50!! Yay! The sad part is that I really like my pink pill case I used with the OTC-Lo, but I won’t be able to use it anymore. Oh well. At least I got a cute fabric pouch for these. (Yeah, I’m such a girl)

I was also wondering, have any of you had the Gardasil vaccine? It turns out that my insurance will cover it, so I’m thinking of getting it, however…are there any negatives that I haven’t heard about? (You know what they’re saying about kids and vaccines and all lately, and even pets…so I was just wondering)