Wow, its June already and the first week is over!!! It’ll be Christmas before we know it! haha.

Anyway, last week I started off with only $57.66 due to the overspending I’d done at the mall a few weeks back. I’m happy to report that I’m back at zero! Whoo-hoo!

5/30 Deposit $57.66
5/31 Groceries $14.86 ($42.80 left)
6/1 Wendy’s $8.51 ($34.29 left)
5/5 Wendy’s $3.19 ($31.10 left)
5/5 Payless $8.56 ($22.54 left)

I think I did great this week! A little too much Wendy’s, but at least it was healthy (did you know their Chili has less fat than almost anything else on their menu? Unless you add the cheese…which I do. Oops. lol)

My leftover $22.54 is going to my Extra Money (aka “Whatever Fund”). I’d send it all to my Gift fund, but I want to wait a little bit more before I do that. I’m thinking of going out to a fancy dinner next weekend (or the one after that) with my boyfriend, so I want to make sure I have enough stashed. That, and I also want to get myself a haircut for my birthday, and that’ll be coming up soon.

By the way, that $8 at Payless was these red shoes (scroll down to the Jimmy Sandals). I had said no more shopping…but at $8 I couldn’t resist!!! My mom got a pair too, lol. What can I say, she’s got great taste! haha.

As for this weekend…I have nothing planned. The BF is out on his business trip, and I’m not particularly excited about doing anything. I’m going to some art galleries with my mom and my sister tonight and that should be free (unless I decide to buy some artwork…I doubt that though!). Maybe I could go see SATC? I would, but I hate crowds. I hope everyone else has already seen it, leaving the theatre empty for us, lol. (I would even wait longer, but I’m seriously scared of spoilers!! Kind of like when the last Harry Potter book came out, lol. I had to read it in a hurry so no one would ruin the ending for me!!)

Well, have a wonderful weekend everyone!