I was sitting in the office today, kinda overhearing (fine, I was eavesdropping…but they were right in front of me! I swear!) a couple of guys in the office talking about golf. That’s when it hit me….I want to play again! Ok, so maybe I’ve never actually played, but I did take lessons in college, and I do have a set of clubs. I’d said for a while I wouldn’t go to the driving range because it was somewhat expensive, but I want to go now, dammit! The problem is, who do I go with? I could always go by myself…but its always better to have company, right? Now I just have to find someone that won’t make fun of me, haha.

Update: so I asked my boyfriend, and he says he’d like to go. Yay! Hopefully he won’t mind borrowing my clubs (how bad would it for him to play with my clubs? He’s never played before so would it really matter? I’m 5’5 and he’s 5’9.) Its only $10 a bucket (not bad for our area), so I’d say thats pretty good for an hour or two of entertainment, plus some time in the fresh air!