Impatience struck once again this weekend. I got tired of waiting for my Gift Fund to be completed…$3-$10 at a time, so I simply opened up my spreadsheet, figured out how much I needed, and where I could get it from. In the end I cleared out my car fund (I had about $7 in it) and my TV fund (had about $50 in it?) and put it all towards my Gift Fund. Mission Accomplished! (Kinda, lol)

Now that I have that fund completed I’m going to be discontinuing my TV fund (I realistically don’t need a new tv for a while now that I’m getting my DTV coupon) and I’m dividing the “funds” between my vacation and my car fund. Hopefully this will speed up the time that it will take me to get to my car fund goal!

I’m also trying to beef up my “Whatever fund”. Typically it just has whatever accumulates there from my having unused fun money, but I have a couple things coming up…like my birthday, and 5 year anniversary with the BF, so I want to have a little extra money (since I know I’ll end up going over my $75 for those weeks!). It just so happens that when I got home today I had a $19 check waiting for me in the mail from surveys I’ve taken!! (; my favorite survey site!) Hooray!