Lately I’ve been faced with a bit of a dilemma. I’m getting bored. Bored with my life, bored with myself…its time for a change. I’ve been itching to move out and to be living on my own, but at the same time the thought of that scares me (I’m being honest here!) Not so much the thought about being by myself, but the thought of being solely responsible for a mortgage or rent payment (eeek! So many what-ifs!) As usual, I digress.

I’ve also been itching to somewhat “reinvent” myself. I want to change, to dazzle, to be happy. Its been two years since I’ve moved home from college and what do I have to show for it? (Other than an extra 15 pounds? Lol) Not much.

I keep forgetting that at the beginning of the year, I had decided that this was going to be the year about ME! So in honor of that, here’s a list of a few things I want to work on:

1. Golf. I need to get out to the driving range every few months…just for fun! No competition! (Plus its cheaper than a round)

2. Cooking classes. Let’s face it, I’m no gourmet chef, and providing that I can find something reasonably priced I’d LOVE a few cooking (and/or baking) classes under my belt!! No “Cordon Bleu” here…just some basics.

3. Tennis lessons. Ever since my sister and I were younger, and my sister was allowed to take lessons whereas I just watched from the sidelines, I’ve wanted to learn to play tennis but have been to scared to. I’ve always thought I wasn’t athletic enough. I need to be bold and stretch my self-imposed limits!!

4. Tap dancing classes. Don’t laugh, but my boyfriend and I want to take tap dance lessons!! (So we can tap dance like Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds in “Singing in the Rain!” [swoon])

5. Learn/practice more French (anyone care to help? I’d search for French blogs, but I’m pretty sure they’d be full of slang and nearly impossible for me to understand. So I’ll take some help from any of you English speaking francophones!) It’d also be as easy as casually practicing with my sister or cousins.  A lot of us took French in high school.

6. Learn another language ( Not sure how much I’m going to pursue this one. I speak some French and a good amount of Spanish, but maybe it’ll be worth learning another…like perhaps some Italian or Portuguese? We’ll see.)

And then some other things I’ve been saying I’m going to do/learn, and actually have gotten started in one case, but didn’t get very far:

7. Play the guitar. I actually started to learn (with “Guitar Playing for dummies” Don’t laugh!) and even hijacked my dad’s guitar, but I quit after a certain incident back in October. Maybe its time I put that behind me and get back to learning.

8. Learn to sew. I won’t give up on this one, but my instructor (ahem, my mother!) won’t settle on a day to have lessons, and we’ve canceled too many times. I gotta put my foot down this time! Lol.

9. Play the piano. I actually took lessons when I was younger, but my instructor (ahem…my mother again) refused to continue to teach me if I didn’t practice. I chose the lazy girl’s route and didn’t practice (what’d you expect?! I was 7!) We even have a piano at home, which makes this even more pathetic…

I suppose that’s it, even though it’s A LOT of things! For now, I’m going to narrow it down to a few things at a time. Numbers 2, 3, and 4 definitely imply money so those are going to be put aside for the immediate future. As for the golf, and the sewing, I’m going to start pursuing these whenever I get a chance to, and the guitar will have to wait for sporadic openings in my time. The best part is that other than the golf, I can do the others practically for free with the help of my local library and the internet!

Hoorah for me!

Anyone else looking for change in their life? (Or just need to dedicate more time to you?!) If so, what do you plan on doing?! I’d love to hear!