This week’s recap is coming a little early since I’m done with all my spending for the week (rather, so that I don’t spend any money tonight 😉 ). I didn’t do too badly, but I DID go over.

6/6 Deposit $75.16
6/6 Wendy’s $3.19 ($71.97 left)
6/6 CVS $4.47 ($67.50 left)
6/7 Kinko’s $2.60 ($64.90 left)
6/9 Wendy’s $3.09 ($61.81 left)
6/10 Deli $7.14 ($54.67 left)
6/11 Groceries $58.38 (-$3.71 left)
6/12 Lunch $10.38** (-$14.09 left)

**My company is going to be reimbursing me for this, since it was a lunch for me and my “mentee”.

So where did I go wrong? I suppose the groceries did me in, however I could have easily skipped a Wendy’s meal…I just never expected the groceries to come out that expensive! (That’s expensive for me compared to my usual trips.) They likely won’t be as much next time, since I’m just going through the transition from South Beach Diet Phase 1 to Phase 2.

That also brings my total for groceries in June to $73.24 (out of my $150 goal for the month). I’d say I’m doing ok, but I need to learn to limit what I really need (and not buy everything at once just because “I like it” lol). I think I might also be coming down with the same disorder as Stacking Pennies.(hehe.) Well, I guess I don’t visit that many grocery stores, but I have quite a list of pending recipes, all of which I “have to” try!

I also need to start carrying cash again, because to be honest, I could’ve saved money at Wendy’s by not ordering a soda, but I felt ridiculous charging $1.50 on my credit card, lol. Better luck next time!