Yes its Friday, and YES its payday!

Not only am I getting my pay from my full-time job, but I actually got paid for 3 of my mystery shopping assignments from May! Hoorah! (It’ll still be another couple of days before PayPal transfers them to my bank, but thats ok)

Payment #1: $14.96
Payment #2: $12.53
Payment #3: $13.17
Check (Survey): $19.00

Total: $59.66

What am I doing with this money? $19.00 (from reimbursements, plus a little more) will be going into my “Fun Money” pool (in other words I’m cashing the check and keeping the cash to spend), and $42.00 is going into my Extra Money/”Whatever” fund (although I know what I’m going to be spending it on…a haircut and an outing with the BF).

I’m still waiting on another mystery shop payment for $15, plus a survey check for $14. I hope they get here soon!