If you read my last posts, you’ve probably figured out there’s a lot going on in my head these days. (And thanks to all of you who commented and left me encouraging words ūüôā )

So I’m going to take a mini break from all that and say

“Happy 100 to me!” Yes, this is my 100th post!!

Let’s take a minute and do a goofy celebratory¬†dance for a bit. [steps away from computer. Does a silly dance. Looks around and confirms no one saw]

Alright…back to work.

I may have already mentioned this, but I was looking at furniture online this weekend. (I think¬†its my own¬†way¬†of getting my mind off stuff I don’t want to think about, even though there’s no practicality in picking out furniture for an apartment I don’t know I’ll ever have.) I’ve always wanted a tufted couch, so¬†I spent almost¬†two days this weekend¬†online looking at furniture websites looking for the couch. The one that would make me swoon. Well, I did kind of find one, but its white (and I’m not sure I can commit to white) and that there was no source for the couch (its just a picture of someone’s living room) and it definitely looks expensive!

¬†So I kept looking, and I’ve definitely found a contender!!

Meet the lovely Azure! (Yeah…I couldn’t get the picture to load, but you can check her out at¬† Crate & Barrel. Isn’t she gorgeous?!)

The toughest part of looking for a couch is deciding on the look/style you are going for. Since I haven’t been able to decide on one it makes it kind of difficult. However when you run into a piece like Azure, you gotta kind of be glad that nothing has been decided on yet. I think she can definitely make it as a central piece in my living room without making it look too modern, nor too overdone. I just have to pick out everything¬†else more carefully. One of the bigger downsides though is that Azure comes with a price tag of $1899. While I know nothing about furniture, i’ve come to notice that this is on the higher end of the price range. I think I would be willing to pay that price if I was to decide this was the couch for me, though. In my search I’ve also realized that couches can be boring…and azure is definitely¬† NOT boring!

One of my missions in the near future is to decide what kind of vibe I’m going to go for in my apartment (there I go again…talking about “my non-existent apartment” [sigh]). There are a number of items I plan on taking with me when I move, mostly vintage posters and some frames and mirrors, everything else I’m leaving. What I’m worried about now is forgetting what I have and going with a decor that won’t go well with all of that stuff. So what I’m looking at doing is making an inventory of all the¬†items I’m taking with me (with photographs as well) and then working from there to make sure it goes with the furniture style I choose and with wall colors (very important).