This past weekend was that kind of weekend that I always love…we had a party at my BF’s house (see my previous post), and it ended up lasting all evening and went on well into the night (4am, actually). One particularly interesting thing happened though…I got a numerology reading!!

It actually started off as a discussion about what the expectant couple was going to name the baby, and in the end the woman (who is a friend of the family’s) ended up giving my BF, his sister, and myself a casual reading based on our birthdates. (You can also get a different number based on your name, but I was really confused when she was explaining the concepts, so I won’t even go there!) The conclusion was very interesting. I don’t know if you all belive in the validity of these things, I don’t even know what I really think (I know my BF thinks that astrology and all that stuff is a load of crap), but I find it really interesting and fun to listen to.  What I’m trying to say is that I don’t know if she was spot on for some of the things she said because she knows us already, or if this is really what she gets from the numbers…

Anyway, back to my reading…

She really said some interesting things. To summarize, there is the number you get from your birth month, and that one is referred to as your “mask” (don’t trust me 100% on these things I’m saying…I was pretty confused half the time). This “mask” is how people perceive you to be. Well, my “mask” is that people see me as a non-confrontational, passive person, very introverted and quiet (so true!). I don’t tend to take sides in arguments and I’m not very sociable…(yeah…its true…I can be real wishy-washy, and quiet to the point that people think I’m stuck up).

I forgot what you birthdate represents, sorry. But the “sum” (MM/DD/YYYY; there’s several ways of doing this and each way gives you a different result. Yeah…don’t ask, lol) I think this supposed to represent your “life mission”, which is supposed to be the “lesson” you’re here to learn. Mine is to socialize (no kidding!). Because of my introverted ways, my mission is to try and understand different people, understand their views, and just socialize and surround myself with people. Since I am introverted, this is always a challenge for me.

Some other things she said that struck me: I’m very independent, observant, set in my ways, I know what I want, I have VERY strong views, and while I don’t necessarily speak up about them I get more done in my favor by staying quiet. She also said that I’m very sure of myself and confident (this was the one thing that surprised me).

Why am I even mentioning all this? I just thought it was interesting. 🙂 As I’ve gotten further into my 20’s I’ve developed very strong opinions on everything. I’ve become more judgemental (I know, that one isn’t good). As a teenager I could have been categorized as a pushover, but as time has passed I have changed immensely. I’ve been thinking a lot lately of who I’ve become, and how I’m still changing, and it has really impressed me. If you knew me then and knew me now you’d understand. I really believe that I’ve matured a great deal, but I still have a long way to go.

Overall I think she was spot on. The only surprising part was the mention of confidence…I’ve always felt somewhat insecure, and I’m constantly looking for reassurance. Maybe I’m just underestimating myself?

Numerology might be a load of bull (to some), but even so its quite interesting! It might be that we always look for a way for their readings to fit how we feel about ourselves (take note of the “confidence” comment above for an example 😉 ), thus convincing ourselves that it is all true, or maybe there is something to it?

Either way, it was a fun night…and somewhat awkward/intimidating. I felt like I was getting a very thorough background check in front of the BF’s parents!! Luckily, the numerologist said that we were quite compatible, and they were happy enough with that.