As I may have mentioned, I was invited to my BF’s brother’s baby shower this weekend. I’m often quick to judge, and I was horrified that his little brother and girlfriend were going to be having a baby…they’re still babies!! Actually, the whole family was horrified at first, but as time has gone by they have come to accept it and now they’re excited to be welcoming a new member into the family.

I’d never really hung around them (the expectant couple), and I always kind of saw them around the house and didn’t give them much thought…he was my boyfriend’s brother, and that was his girlfriend. That’s it. Seeing them at the party this weekend helped me see them in a different light though. The girlfriend was dressed in a cute summer dress (even at 6+ months pregnant you can’t tell unless you see her from the front or side), her hair was curled and she was wearing makeup.  She looks so young, and yet she’s about to have a baby. Usually when I see his brother he’s arguing with someone over the TV (or something silly like that), but this weekend he was acting the part of a gentleman: greeting people as they walked in the door, posing for pictures with his girlfriend, smiling…I think he may be growing up. What stood out the most was how hopeful and excited they looked. It sounds cheesy, but it really was a humbling experience for me.

I can’t imagine being in their place at that age. (Please, I didn’t even do my own laundry at that age.) They are going to have to work really hard for the next few years, but they have a good family around them, and plenty of loving, helping hands. I think they’ll be fine.